Do you have cards you would like to sell? With our good reputation on eBay (nearly 20,000 positive reviews), it's much easier to get top price for your cards.

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Selling priceCustomer gainFixed Fees
Less than 50$80%-1$
51$ to 999$80%None
1 000$ to 2 499$84%None
2 500$ to 4 999$86%None
5 000$ to 9 999$88%None
10 000$ and more95%None


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695 Local 5, ch. Avalia, Piedmont Québec, J0R 1R3

All cards must be sleevered and inserted in top loaders (we will return cards if they are not packed in this protected way)*, do not use soft toploaders, these are not strong enough to protect cards safely. We recommend the use of teams bags and bubble envelopes.

*IMPORTANT: Make sure the cards are sleeved and toploaded, otherwise you'll be charged a $1 automatic fee for each non-conforming card.

In the envelope, insert a note with your:
-Full name,
-E-mail address,
-Phone number,
-Full address
and indicate that it's for consignment.

All cards will be auctioned for 7 days from receipt. The only exception granted for the direct sale of a card is if the card is for sale at $2500 or more. In this case, you must inform us of the selling price, as well as the price accepted for a lower bid.

When the card is sold, please allow 48 hours before receiving your winnings (either by Interac transfer or cheque). This delay is necessary to ensure that the buyer has sent us the money.

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